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[Viewing] Mouse wheel scrolling behaviour

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:34 pm
by ale
This is a bit a feature request, but more a question and hopefully a discussion with other CintaNotes users...

I sometimes scroll extensively my list of notes with the mouse wheel but I realized I don't feel comfortable doing it, the scrolling movement is quite fast (impulsive) and I always feel I scrolled too much and I feel I missed reading a note. I'm not able to "realize with the eyes" how much the list scrolled. Maybe I have to experiment with the amount of scroll wheel movement system wide, but let's stay in CintaNotes... my problems are that: 1. notes have variable height (I made a suggestion about this) and 2. because of the wheeling, we always have an unpredictable view of notes, we may see a fragment of a note at the top of the viewing area, the same at the bottom, the experience is different if we have long or short notes, I feel like I don't know where to point my eyes to.

What's your experience? The viewing area and the notes are all rectangles, I can think a viewing area where the note at the top of the area (actually the upper border of a note) is always aligned with the top of the viewing area and then at least two or three different ways to scroll comes to my mind, a "precision" mode might be where one tick of mouse wheel moves the list up of one note regardless of its lenght but maintaining the alignement between note upper border and viewing area. Another way: let's suppose we see 3 full notes (A, B, C) and half (D) with the current viewing area, a mouse wheel scroll might scroll the list so that the first note not seen fully (D) would be the first after the wheeling with its top border aligned with the top of viewing area. I can come with other ideas and refine the suggestion but before... it's just me? my strange lunch of today? :mrgreen: or do you think we might find a way to improve this? needed/uneeded? thanks for reading :)

Re: [Viewing] Mouse wheel scrolling behaviour

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:19 am
by kranor
I guess really this all depends on your window size and screen resolution. It might be easier for Alex to constrain the CintaNotes window resizing, so that one fix suits all rather than trying to make it more 'dynamic' to cover every window size. Personally when my CintaNotes window is displayed it shows full screen at my desktop resolution of 2048x768 (yup its an odd size but at work, where I mainly use Cinta I have 2 monitors on a matrox dualhead2go) and my maximum displayed lines are set to zero. this way I get about 12 notes with tags displayed below. I do understand what you mean about mouse behaviour but due to these external settings it could be a bit of a problem to find a 'perfect' fit answer to this. What do you think Alex?

Re: [Viewing] Mouse wheel scrolling behaviour

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:01 am
by ale
Thanks for your answer kranor, of course it may be my "problem" or my setup, I still have to understand if it's so. My message wasn't meant as a formal feature request yet, because I understand a feature request needs to be very well thought, to answer a real problem and needs to work well with all configurations. It's at "I would like to hear other users" stage

My actual configuration is... screen resolution 1440 x 900. I never used CintaNotes maximized, I keep it at about 650 (height) x 450 (width) pixels with tag sidebar open, and number of maximum lines is set to 10, my mouse is set in control panel to scroll three lines with one notch. I'll try another mouse later to see if it behaves differently. By the way, a different way to scroll notes doesn't need to replace the existing one, for example Adobe Reader has different ways to scroll, continuous mode, a single page scroll and so on... we might also use a modifier key together with the wheel and don't touch the actual behaviour, well let's collect other user experiences before, I will also keep experimenting :)

Re: [Viewing] Mouse wheel scrolling behaviour

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:50 am
by Midas
I have posted a request for mouse wheel control of note size, but I feel the same as ale about mouse scrolling: visual feedback is confusing regarding this, so I tend to avoid the scrool wheel unless I want to reach the bottom/topmost notes...